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How to conduct successful market research surveys

Published On Feb. 8, 2018 By Kaustubh

Starting up a new business is comparatively easy thing but making it a successful one is not. Surveys are an essential part of any business ensuring the success of any business. Surveys make it easy to know about the needs of the end customer.  The more you know about the target market, the more you would be able to develop your businesses and satisfy the customer needs.

Market Research being referred as the process of gathering the required information from the customers or target audience. You can conduct market research by 2 means i.e. Primary and secondary Market Research. Primary research is the process of gathering information from the customers directly. Secondary research is the process of analyzing the data that has already been gathered from customers through different sources. Surveys are one of the means to conduct primary research which aims to understand the likes, dislikes, and habits of the customer that assists to plan for the further development of your products.


Things to do, before conducting a Survey

Determine the needs of your market:

To conduct a survey, first you need to set some specific goals because you can't research everything. So just focus on the information that you need and gives best results.

Find the better way:

Choose the best way to reach the target market. To get immediate results, you need to do the survey in-person, but it is more difficult to reach out each and everyone to know their preferences.

Online surveys:

One of the most trending ways to get your survey popular is conducting online surveys. It is the simplest and fastest way to reach out millions of people.

Reach out specific audience:

It is really necessary to target specific audiences in order to get the best results. A well-planned survey will get you best results with minimum efforts. Differentiate your audience based on age group, gender, location, needs and other aspects.

First results:

In most of the cases, you can get everything you need to know about your first results. It is the best way to find out the perfect answers for the growth of your business.


Benefits of Survey:

Minimizes risks:

You will find a number of competitors in the same field or business. By conducting survey, you may get all the information you need about your customer to take desired actions reducing market risks and give you an edge over your competitors.

Maximising profits:

The more customer oriented product you have, the more sales your business will witness and directly increasing your profits

Measure your reputation:

It will help you in finding your position in the market.  Based on that you can channelize your efforts for branding

Improves market share:

The better your reputation is, in the market, the better you have sales and overall market share.