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How In-depth interviews help to plan marketing strategies?

Published On July 4, 2018 By Sagar

Every business today must have business plan. A sound business plan must always include a strategic marketing plan. Strategic marketing planning is considered as a creative process where, the management and operation teams try to come up with practical ideas which help in stable flow of the business.

A marketing strategy is a business’s approach for reaching maximum number of people and converting them into customers. It covers the larger picture of what the business has to offer. A major component of properly marketing your brand is developing a complete marketing research.

Marketing strategy is the foundation of brand growth – from where to advertise to how to word promotions to support with needs of market. Some information you get might be obvious, to get powerful information for driving your marketing campaigns, market research is the best way to dig deeper.

Market research helps to improve marketing strategy of business by giving feedback regarding your product or service. The information which is collected from market research also helps to define your target market, position your product, and price it appropriately.  

If your business needs expert opinions, or to gathered information from customers or users of competing products or services, in-depth interviews are the marketing research interviewing techniques used in such situations. In-depth interviews work best in B2B research where you are interviewing someone with specific knowledge or if the situation is better suited to sitting down one-on-one.

In-depth interviews are normally carried out face to face so that rapport can be developed with the respondents. In-depth interview consist of open ended questioning, which facilitates the respondent to share more.

Advantages of in-depth interviews-

Better relationship – In a one – on –one setting, the interview can devote complete attention and listen actively which helps to establish better relationship. This makes respondents feel more comfortable and also facilitates a good bond.

Deeper insights – In-depth interviews giver opportunity to participant to share feelings, perspectives, and attitudes. This helps to get a deeper insights or powerful information regarding your product which helps you to plan your marketing strategies.

More flexible – As compared to other market research technique, in-depth interviews are more flexible. It offers flexibility with respect to location because researchers can conduct the interviews over a video call if needed.

Faster adaptation – Very few in-depth interviews are required to make the discovery and implement the required changes.

Identify problems with your brands – With the help of in-depth interviews, you can collect the feedbacks from your customers regarding your product or brand, which will help you to identify problems. By identifying the problems related to your brand, you can fix the issues before the problem gets critical.

Simplified brand expansion – In –depth interviews helps you to know your market, find new uses for existing products, ensures that your marketing is reaching the proper audience.

An in-depth interview is simply one of the powerful ways to help you in planning your marketing strategy. The type of deep insights you get from talking to your customers often cannot be found anywhere else.