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Global Lead acid Battery Market to grow from US$ 34.5 billion to US$ 45.70 billion by 2021

Published On Oct. 11, 2016 By Sagar
lead acid battery

Rise of Lead acid battery usage in automotive industry, for overcoming the cost issues, due to the diesel generator sets, is boosting the growth of lead acid battery market. Apart from that the trend of urbanization and industrialization in emerging countries like India, Japan, Malaysia, China are major contributing factor in growth of lead acid battery market.                                          

Global Lead acid battery market is divided into leading geographical zones, dominant market players, applications, product types, product specification, price and sell of a product. Lead acid batteries can store excess power that can be used in penurious time. The advances in technology and demand of use of portable devices will also contribute to growth of market.

Market opportunities

The global lead acid battery market is expected to grow from US$ 34.5 billion to US$ 45.70 billion by 2021. The stationary lead acid battery market has shown secure growth, two factors (ups/data and telecom communication) that contribute to market growth shows stable performance. With this, there has also been a rise in price due to lead cost volatility, leads to revenue growth. 

Factors that power growth of market

The low cost and long life cycle of lead acid battery

Next generation wireless technology

Facility protection has driven the increased demand for lead batteries

Proven technology earns user’s satisfaction/loyalty hence increased demand    

More resistivity to corrosion, overcharging, water usage and self-discharge                      

Factors that reverse growth of market

Limited product differentiation

Decrease in capital spending

Alternative energy sources shows growth, challenge in long term

More strict rules and regulations shrink profit

High lead content in product and low energy density restrict growth