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About Us

Knowledge is an asset and in today’s competitive business environment, the one with knowledge is bound to succeed. Knowledge empowers companies to develop better strategies, implement them and ultimately derive desired results from them. We, Reliable Market Research, aim to provide such knowledge to the corporates through extensive market research and data analytics to help organisations to achieve their goals.

Our core domain is Energy, Chemicals & Materials and Automotive sector. Our analysts are thorough in their approach and driven by primary goal to provide 360 degree view on various aspects. Our extensive market research include number of things ranging from statistical analysis, Current market trends, competitions, trends over a period of time, forecasts and key findings & strategic recommendations. With the help of data science we aim to find out underlying relationship between various variables in the raw data available with you.

We believe, in order to remain competitive in the market one must have a competitive advantage. And through Reliable Market Research, we aim to provide the business intelligence required by a forward thinking business, such as yours.

Why Reliable Market Research

Comprehensive data

We focus on providing data that is true & precise in nature. Our analysts make sure that data they collect is comprehensive and can be readily used. Authoritative data is delivered using time tested and innovative methodologies then collected and interpreted.

Domain expertise

We have a huge team of experienced analysts who are experts in their domain and have the ability to interpret data that very few possess. Because of their expertise, the data that is delivered to you is precise, to the point, non-redundant and actionable.

Direct interaction with analysts

We provide a unique feature called ‘Talk with Analyst’. This enables you to interact directly with our analyst. Directly interacting with analyst helps in delivering right data to you with minimum delivery time. A complete win-win situation.

Data Science expertise

We are conversant with with modern data science concepts like machine learning. We make the data talk. You may be having a huge raw data, but we dissect that data and find a story between the variables.


To help organisations to achieve their goal by providing true, precise, to the point, non-redundant and actionable data through extensive and reliable market research


To become a market leader in quality market research by 2020 by providing reliable and actionable data.